7 Years Down

Go on an adventure. To anywhere, for anything, just have yourself an adventure.

This isn't the house I grew up in. But it's the one with the best memories. It's got a new face but it feels the same. Sandy's wake is still everywhere down here. Orange cones funnel traffic patterns through a minefield of crater sized potholes.

Some good ole boys form upstate NY were surf fishing. I hung out with them making some pictures and ate a leftover sandwich from lunch earlier.

Volvo wagon = best tent ever.

It was good to get away. Even if just for the night. I really miss this place. I work too much because I don't know what else to do. I wonder if that's the price of doing what you love.

The rain lasted for hours and when it broke eventually I moved my camp to some waterfront real estate.

Waking up in the sand, in front of the Atlantic = priceless.

A lot has changed since the last time I was here. The house, the landscape and all of us that spent the summers here growing up. Friends have come and friends have gone. Friends have moved on, fallen in love, married and started families. This place though, despite all of it's differences still feels the same.